SportLoMo Online Technology Platform for Sports

Who is SportLoMo?

SportLoMo is a fully integrated, multi-lingual software used by National Governing Body, Provincial/Associations, Regions, Leagues, Referee Associations and of course clubs!

Our technology is built on ONE platform allowing our customers to offer ONE integrated solution across all levels of their organisation.

SportLoMo has customers in Canada, USA, Ireland, N.I, Scotland, England, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, UAE, Australia and New Zealand.

The platform is mobile friendly and is currently provided in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. We add new languages regularly.

Our passion is Grassroots sports, our mission is empowering these sports.

Our mission is to support local sports by helping them to run their sport efficiently while reducing workload and saving time.

Our platform is used to manage thousands of games and competitions and membership, event & team registration.

Sportlomo is working with local, amateur sport since 2000. We are headquartered in Ireland.

View SportLoMo corporate website here.